Local Forms

This page contains Forms required by the El Dorado Superior Court. For additional forms not found locally please visit the Judicial Branch of California website

Name of Form Form Number Effective or Revised Mandatory/ Optional
Consent of Natural Parent to Adopt A-2 Rev. 3/4/02 Mandatory
Consent of Spouse of Adopting Party A-4 Rev. 9/25/01 Mandatory
Consent of Spouse of Person Being Adopted A-5 Rev. 12/1/04 Mandatory
Confidential Info Re: Pet. For Name Change – West Slope C-2 Rev. 11/15/05 Mandatory
Confidential Info Re: Pet. For Name Change (SLT) C-2S Rev. 11/15/05 Mandatory
Dispute Resolution Conference Report C-3 Rev. 01/14/15 Mandatory
Notice to Litigants – Civil Trial Delay Reduction and ADR C-13 Rev. 01/14/15 Mandatory
Default Judgment Checklist C-25 Rev. 03/01/13 Optional
Application & Order to Serve Summons by posting C-29 Eff. 10/30/06 Optional
Request for Free Service of Orders C-30 Rev. 8/17/16 Optional
Notice of Motion and Motion for Order C-35 Eff. 5/22/08 Optional
Declaration of Judgment Debtor re: Satisfaction of Judgment C-41 Eff.  8/5/11 Optional
Stipulation and Order to Participate in ADR C-45 Eff.  2/26/13 Optional
11361.8 HS Information Instructions Adult – Juvenile CR-145 Rev. 11/2016
11361.8 HS Adult Petition-Application CR-146 Rev. 11/2016 Optional
11361.8 HS Proof of Service Petition-Application-Adult CR-148 Rev. 11/2016 Optional
Plea & Waiver Felony CR-017 Rev. 06/03/14 Optional
Request to Vacate Criminal Protective Order CR-020 Rev. 06/17/15 Mandatory
Cash Bail Request Form CR-023 Eff. 2005 Optional
Waiver of Defendant’s Personal Presence CR-108 Eff. 05/19/08 Optional
Plea in Abstentia CR-109 Eff. 5/23/08 Mandatory
DUI w/Injury Advisement CR-122 Rev. 1/2012 Mandatory
PC1000 Advisement CR-123 Rev. 1/2012 Mandatory
Formal Probation Order -  Prop 36 CR-124 Rev. 6/2013 Mandatory
Blank DUI Advisement CR-127 Rev. 1/2012 Mandatory
Misdemeanor Waiver of Rights CR-130 Rev. 1/2012 Mandatory
Addendum to Advisement CR-131 Rev. 1/2012 Mandatory
Application for Real Property Equity Bond and Declaration CR-150 Rev. 3/17/2017 Mandatory
Information Regarding Property Bonds CR-150IN Rev. 3/17/2017 Mandatory
Promissory Note CR-151 Rev. 3/17/2017 Mandatory
Order Approving Bond CR-152 Rev. 3/17/2017 Mandatory
Family Law      
Stipulation and Order F-3 Eff. 7/1/95 Optional
Request for Status Trial Setting Conference F-5 Rev. 9/1/05 Mandatory
Stipulation and Order for Bifurcation F-7 Eff. 7/1/95 Optional
Request to Vacate Restraining Order F-10a Rev. 06/10/11 Mandatory
True or Technical Default Judgment Checklist F-11/F-12 Rev. 7/1/18 Optional
Marital Settlement Agreement Judgment Checklist F-13 Rev. 7/1/18 Optional
Reserved Issues Judgment Checklist F-15 Rev. 7/1/18 Optional
Status Only Judgment Checklist F-16 Rev. 7/1/18 Optional
Child Custody Recommending Counseling – Information Sheet F-17 Rev. 8/15/15 Optional
Child Custody Recommending Counseling – Questionnaire F-17a Rev. 10/20/16 Mandatory
Child Custody Recommending Counseling – Supplemental Questionnaire F-17b Rev. 8/15/15 Mandatory
Status Conference Order F-18 Rev. 7/1/18 Optional
Parent-Child Supervision Guidelines F-25 Eff. 1/17/01 Optional
Stipulation to Waive Final Disclosure F-26a Eff. 5/06/03 Optional
Ex Parte and Declaration for Orders F-27 Eff. 11/02/12 Optional
INFO re: Ex Parte Policies and Procedures F-27 INFO Eff. 03/17/14 Optional
Stipulation & Order Re: Private Mediation F-70 Eff. 7/31/00 Optional
Stipulation & Order Re: Custody Evaluations F-71 Eff. 7/31/00 Optional
Request for Search F82a Eff. 11/01/04 Optional
Family Law Stipulation/Order F-83 Eff. 5/1/04 Optional
Application for Order Shortening Time F-86 Eff.  11/15/04 Optional
Family Law Information Sheet and Milestone F-91 Rev. 06/05/14 Optional
Statement of Issues and Contentions F-92 Eff.  07/05/13 Optional
Child Custody Recommending Counseling Client Complaint Form F-100 Eff. 08/23/16 Mandatory
Custody and Parenting Services Resource List F-101 Eff. 07/20/17 Optional
Request for CCRC Telephonic Appearance F-102 Eff. 08/25/15 Mandatory
Request for Hearing on Order for Reimbursement F-104 Eff. 02/08/16 Mandatory
Advisement Waiver Plea Form-FL Contempt F-109 Eff. 04/18/17 Mandatory
Juvenile 300      
Financial Responsibility Declaration J-4 Eff. 10/01/03 Optional
Certification of Attorney Competency J-6 Eff. 9/15/16 Optional
Instructions Regarding Financial Responsibility J-8 Eff. 8/26/11 Optional
J-1 Dec Re Notice Application Telephonic Appearance J-1 Eff. 4/16/18 Optional
J-2 Order Re Telephonic Appearance.pdf J-2 Eff. 4/16/18 Optional
J-16 Juvenile Case File Access fillable.pdf J-16 Eff. 1/1/17 Optional
Juvenile 602      
11361.8 HS Information Instructions Adult – Juvenile CR-145 Eff. 11/2016
11361.8 Juvenile Petition Application J-14 Eff. 11/2016 Optional
J-1 Dec Re Notice Application Telephonic Appearance J-1 Eff. 4/16/18 Optional
J-2 Order Re Telephonic Appearance.pdf J-2 Eff. 4/16/18 Optional
J-16 Juvenile Case File Access fillable.pdf J-16 Eff. 1/1/17 Optional
Declaration of American Indian Status C-40 Eff. 07/11/14 Mandatory
Due Diligence Statement P-2 Eff. 7/1/01 Optional
Motion to Modify T-17 Eff.  7/28/09 Mandatory
Request for Court Trial T-19 Rev. 6/14/17 Mandatory
Request for Trial by Written Declaration T-21 Eff.  6/14/17 Mandatory
Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail In Installments TR-300 Rev. 01/01/17 Mandatory
Miscellaneous Forms      
Pro Tem Claim Form AC-01 Rev. 01/01/17 Optional
Application and Order for Video Conference Appearance M-51 Rev. 05/09/16 Optional
Request for Telephonic Appearance M-52 Rev. 05/17/17 Optional
Declaration Notice Upon Ex Parte App for Order M-1 Rev. 04/08/14 Optional
Request to Set Uncontested Matter M-3 Rev. 11/20/07 Optional
Request to Vacate Civil Assessment M-40 Rev. 03/21/2017 Mandatory
Request for Record Research and Copies. M-55 Rev. 03/21/2017 Optional
Appointed Attorney/Expert claim CAAC Rev. 12/09/16 Optional

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