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Position TitleMinimum Monthly SalaryMaximum Monthly Salary
PDFDocument TypeAccountant$4,328$5,262
PDFDocument TypeAdministrative Analyst$4,203$5,108
PDFDocument TypeAdministrative Assistant $3,855 $4,687
PDFDocument TypeAssistant Court Executive Officer$8,701$10,578
PDFDocument TypeChild Custody Recommending Counselor$5,886$7,155
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 1$2,522$3,064
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 2$2,776$3,374
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 3$3,045$3,702
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 4$3,352$4,076
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 5$3,854$4,686
PDFDocument TypeCourt Commissioner$14,169$14,169
PDFDocument TypeCourt Fiscal Technician - Confidential$3,844$4,671
PDFDocument TypeCourt Interpreter - Full Time$35.85 an hour$38.03 an hour
PDFDocument TypeCourt Interpreter - Part Time$39.76 an hour$42.19 an hour
PDFDocument TypeCourt Operations Manager$5,551$6,747
PDFDocument TypeCourt Reporter$5,416$6,583
PDFDocument TypeCourt Services Supervisor$4,756$5,780
PDFDocument TypeFacilitator-Self Help Attorney$6,962 $8,463
PDFDocument TypeFiscal Services Supervisor$4,990$6,066
PDFDocument TypeHuman Resources and Fiscal Technician - Confidential$3,845 $4,671
PDFDocument TypeHuman Resources Manager $6,690 $8,132
PDFDocument TypeInformation Services Manager$6,690$8,132
PDFDocument TypeInformation Services Systems Analyst$5,539$6,734
PDFDocument TypeInformation System Specialist$5,765$7,007
PDFDocument TypeJudicial Staff Attorney$6,962$8,463
PDFDocument TypeSenior Child Custody Recommending Counselor$6,477$7,872
PDFDocument TypeSr. Judicial Staff Attorney$7,656$9,308

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